Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment for a barn tour?

Joli Cheval invites all interested guests to tour the facilities. All tours are scheduled by appointment only and are made by calling Sanford Crane at 704-779-9776.

How do I get to Joli Cheval?

We are at 6000 Joli Cheval Lane in Mint Hill, North Carolina. Located approximately 10 miles southeast from central Charlotte, Joli Cheval is right off of Lawyers and Hwy. 485. At the security gate, you will need to announce your arrival to be let onto the grounds.

How do I find out about boarding my horse?

Please call Sanford Crane at 704-779-9776 to answer specific questions about boarding services, availability and rates. Boarding is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. A number of custom services are available as part board and care.

Am I able to bring my own trainer in for lessons?

If your trainer is able to provide proof of insurance, then it's certainly possible.

My horse shies a lot. Do you have someone who can work with him?

Sanford Crane has extensive experience working with horses displaying many types of behaviors, including working with young horses, breaking and training. Please call 704-779-9776 to schedule a consultation.

If I own a home in the Cheval community, does that mean I will automatically have access to the facilities at Joli Cheval?

We are delighted to be able to recieve visitors. All vacancies and opportunities are filled on a first come, first served and screened basis, however Cheval home owners have access to the rings with a ring fee charge; the public is also able to pay a ring fee to use the facility.

I read somewhere that you will have riding trails. Where do they go and how long are the trails?

Currently the trails are under development and only available to members of Joli Cheval and the Cheval homeowners. When the trails are complete a map and full signage will be available.

Will you host competitions at Joli Cheval?

There are no plans to host competitions. Clinics and workshops will be scheduled periodically and appropriately as well as the hosting of guest clinicians.