Map & Directions

Joli Cheval Equestrian Center

6000 Joli Cheval Lane
Mint Hill, NC 28227


Driving directions:

From I-485E (or I-485S) , take Lawyers Road, exit #47. Turn Left (or from 485S Right) onto Lawyers Road, go a bit more than 1 mile and turn left onto Thompson Road.

Proceed along Thompson Road, making a right on Joli Cheval Lane. Follow the road along through the newly developing Cheval neighborhood until you reach the intersection of Bain Farm Road. Make a left and pull up to the gates. Press 000 on the keypad. One of our staff members will greet you on the intercom and open the gates for your entry.

So that we may address your questions and provide a tour of our facilities, an appointment is requested. Please call the office at 704-545-6302 or barn manager, Sanford Crane at 704-779-9776 to schedule your appointment today.


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